Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Aikido and the Eight Powers.

In the teachings of the founder we find. “Aikido is One Spirit, Four Souls, Three Origins and Eight Powers. Lacking an understanding of this Aikido cannot be grasped.” I have dealt at length with One Spirit, Four Souls, and Three Origins, yet it remains to clarify the meaning of the eight powers. The single ideograms (Kanji) representing each of the eight powers have been translated, yet only directly and without clarification of the real meaning intended or how it relates to our Aikido practice.
The Eight Powers are an overview of all natural power. The power of nature is never unidirectional or manipulative, but rather always the product of the balance of yin and yang forces. Considered individually, each of the eight powers are a priori entities. They have no actual existence until they interact with their opposites. Without the interchange of yin and yang, there is no Aiki and therefore no manifestation. 
To describe all eight powers here would be too lengthy and so I will begin with the first four and then follow up with the remaining four in a future blog. The implications are rich and numerous, yet it is necessary here to stick with a bare bones explanation just to introduce the subject for those who are truly trying to grasp the teachings of Ueshiba Morihei, O-sensei. 

Unity and Separation.                         Heaven and Earth
Unity is the world of ki, or spirit, and separation is the manifest, or physical world. In reality these are two inseparable aspects of one reality. Our physical movement should be independent from our partner, yet we must be completely unified through ki or mind. Only in this way can both freedom of movement and harmony with our environment be achieved. It is because we are completely unified with all things that we have the responsibility to move independently. Lacking this understanding we cannot avoid conflict. 

Tension – Release.                  Thunder and Wind {Wood} 
Tension is intent, the working of fire within water. It is that which gives birth to yin and yang and thereby to movement, as the release of tension. This initial movement is the explosive force of creative ki symbolized by Thunder, In Aikido it is our De-Ai, coming out to meet our partner’s force. 
With our exhalation there is release, yet intent remains extended. This allows for the absorbing and nurturing of Ki inside. Saotome sensei refers to it as Bio-Feedback. In other words reaching out is for the purpose of physically receiving and unifying with our partner.