Saturday, January 28, 2012


The aikido of a true master will always appear to be fake. In fact if it looks real it is nothing more than the use of unreasonable force to manipulate another person. This is not truly aikido. The reason for this is that the arms, which create visible form, are not used in bringing your partner down or throwing. Bringing your partner down is the result of projecting your intention, or ki, from your Hara and the trunk of your body down and through your partner’s body to his spine.
            The trunk of the body is where the ki of Heaven and Earth function vertically, rising and descending. The arms and legs are the ki of water and fire, rising up and branching out horizontally. This distinction should be clearly understood if one is to practice properly. Standing at the center of these forces as the neutral receiver, real aikido becomes possible. Herein lies the real meaning behind O-sensei’s use of the words, “No Enemy.”