Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Divine Cross

It is a uniqueness of universal order and principle that the simplest physical reality is eventually revealed as containing the highest wisdom and spirituality. In Aikido this is to stand properly and become the perfect receiver. Your ultimate response can only be correct to the degree that you have achieved this. This is no small feat.
It begins with what is called ki extension. Stretching the spine upward and down to become rooted in both Heaven and earth, you establish yourself at the center of the six directions. This is Irimi, the spirit of Aikido; sending your ki out in all directions to infinity; our own intention meeting and merging with the universal will. O-sensei called it the “Divine Cross.” This is the kototama of Tou or Tao, in Japanese pronounced Dou. It is the fulfillment of Michi, the highest level of Aikido. It is also the elimination of duality, or separation. It is called Gokui, “exteme will” or “radical faith.”