Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being Faith.

April 2011

            Such and such a person does such and such a thing. It is not so different from the fact that the river flows and a tree grows upwards spiraling towards the sun. We are all divine beings, created in the image of universal spirit. We are, in fact, all parts of that infinite spirit and no different from it. The problem arises from what the Japanese call Tsumi. It has the double meaning of “sin” and “accumulation.” In other words, trying to add unto ourselves when there is nothing lacking. This is the activity that continually supports our ego. It is the way in which we hide our original nature causing us to act out of ignorance.
            The first movement of the universal spirit is that of expansion. This is A dimensions capacity, the essence of spirituality. In the natural movement of aiki therefore, all movements depend on expansion. What we perceive as contraction is expansion meeting itself. This expansion is the divine love and compassion of the universal spirit that continually supports all of life. When we practice properly we nurture and gradually reveal this spirit within ourselves.
            Practicing sitting for the purpose of reaching enlightenment or some kind of higher consciousness is an ego-based activity. Practicing aikido for the sake of gaining some power, either physical or spiritual, is just the same. The improper practice of anything leads to arrogance and haughtiness; a fact that has been amply demonstrated in both the martial and the spiritual arts.
            Understanding that we are the masters of our own destiny from the very beginning, the element of true faith is revealed. This is not faith in something but rather faith in everything. It is "being faith." It is I dimension’s capacity shining through us. Understanding our true nature to be that of the five dimensions of divine spirit, our practice becomes pure and striving ceases.